home made burgers

Home made burgers – impress your guests!

The flavours of juicy cutlets with glossy crust between ruddy rolls complemented with the mixture of fresh vegetables and thick sauce with bright multi-faceted taste – delicious! In this article, you will find the stunning recipes of home made burgers with the taste of the popular restaurants.

▪How to cook home made burgers: the simplest recipe
If there is no time for something intricate, a simple recipe will help out. You need the minced meat of any origin (pork, beef, poultry), to improve the quality it is better to do it yourself, with which even an inexperienced culinary expert can cope.
Step 1. The mince should be salted and peppered to taste, an egg should be hammered into it (for every half of a kilo of meat), and then add chopped herbs.
Step 2. In the frying pan heat the oil, then put a round flat cutlet, the size of a bun, molded from minced meat and fried from both sides to a good tan. It is important: do not pin a cutlet in a frying pan, as it may lose juiciness. Step 3. The home made burgers’ rolls should be cut in halves, add some tomato paste on both parts from the inside, add lettuce leaves, on the top of them lay a cutlet, and on it – another hot plate of cheese (so that it has some time to melt). We close the construction with the second half of the roll and enjoy.
▪Recipe of 15-minute home made burgers
Step 1. To cook home made burgers in 15 minutes, the beef should ground on a meat grinder with a large sieve. You can chop with a knife, but grinding is easier and faster. Twist the meat in a meat grinder, add salt, pepper, mix a bit. In the minced meat, you don’t need to add anything. It is also not necessary to mix minced meat thoroughly, it should remain porous, so the cutlets will be juicier.
Step 2. With the help of a culinary ring to form cutlets, again, mincemeat does not need to be strongly trampled in shape. The size of cutlets should be larger than a bun in diameter because during cooking they decently decrease in size.
Step 3. Fry the cutlets on both sides in olive oil for four to five minutes, depending on the desired degree of cooking and juiciness. Put them on toast cheese. Put some cheese on your ready-made cutlets.

Step 4. For the sauce for home made burgers, mix mayonnaise, yogurt, barbecue sauce and Worcester sauce. If you want, you can add some mustard.

Step 5. Buns should be cut along into two parts. Put them on a hot frying pan and fry a little. Sprinkle the bottom half of the bun with some sauce, put a leaf of salad.

Step 6. Next, put the cutlet with cheese, sliced radish and tomato, pour them with sauce.

Step 7. Cover the top with the second half of the bun. If the design is high and can fall apart, fasten the burger with a wooden skewer. Serving 15-minute home made burgers is better with French fries or simply fried potatoes according to your favourite recipe. Also, you can make burgers in the country house on the grill, the taste of a burger with a haze can not be compared with any fast food.

▪ The recipe for unusual home made burgers
By-products are not only useful: many people simply like their taste. It takes into account the original recipe of home made burgers, cutlets for which are made from chicken hearts.
Step 1. Two onions should be finely chopped, make the roast from them and cool it.
Step 2. 600 grammes of hearts should be released from coarse veins and blood clots.
Step 4. Pass both products through a meat grinder.
Step 5. In the stuffing, you will need a large egg, a little-chopped dill, two spoons of oatmeal, salt with pepper, and half a spoonful of cumin.
Step 6. The cutlets should be well kneaded, round, fried from it and roasted to a beautiful crust and brought to readiness in the oven.
Step 7. Instead of salad leaves, these burgers use a real salad. For it, some cabbage should be thinly chopped and seasoned with cabbage dressing with a few spoons of olive oil.
Step 8. The cut buns should be browned with a slice of butter.
Step 9. On the lower part put a cutlet, and on it – a salad. Enjoy your meal!

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