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Home made cookies – 3 best, easiest and the most delicious recipes

Cookies – small pieces of baked sweet dough. What could be better and easier than baking home made cookies to daily tea or coffee? Delicious home made cookies will please not only the taste but also rise your spirit. If you love home made cookies, this post is for you – fast cookies recipes are waiting for you on our website.
■ Almond home made cookies with lemon.
Almond cookies with lemon are very tasty. Almond home made cookies, with the slices of lemon are just great for a cup of hot fragrant tea. For baking you will need the following ingredients:
200 grammes of ground almond;
150 grammes of butter;
1 chicken egg;
100 grammes of sugar powder;
1 tablespoon of lemon juice;
200 grammes of flour;
1 yolk for lubrication;
2 lemons;
Preparation of almond home made cookies with lemon:
Step 1. Mix the melted butter well, add there the chicken egg.
Step 2. Add lemon juice and sugar powder, mix thoroughly. Add half of the flour, then almonds and mix.
Step 3. Gradually put the rest of flour and make the dough. Roll the ready dough in the form of sausages, width them with lemon, cut in halves, pack every half in the plastic bag and leave in the freezer for 20-25 minutes.
Step 4. Wash the lemons, dry and cut into very thin circles about 1-2 mm.
Step 5. Take the dough from the freezer, remove the plastic bag and cut these sausages in circles of 0,5mm. Make good circles with your hands, forming the right round shape of the future home made cookies.
Step 6. On the pan, covered with special pen paper put the circles of the dough, putting some liquid yolk on the top. Then put on every circle one slice of the lemon and sprinkle them with sugar.
Step 7. Put the pan with home made cookies in the oven, ready up to 180 degrees and bake them for 15-20 minutes. The main task is not to make the cookies too dry, for the last 5 minutes, you can bake as the grill. Almond home made cookies with lemon slices are ready! Enjoy your meal!
■ “Coin” home made cookies.
For the preparation of “Coin” home made cookies you will need:
2 eggs,
wheat flour – 80g,
powdered sugar – 80g,
flour for powdering the pan.
Step 1. Separate yolks of proteins. Mix the yolks with sugar powder in the foam.
Step 2. Gradually, continuing to whip it all up, add the wheat flour and salt.
Step 3. In a separate bowl blend the proteins in strong foam and then carefully add them to our dough, stirring bottom-up.
Step 4. Take the pan, cover it with some butter and sprinkle with some flour. With a teaspoon, pour the dough on the pan at a distance of not less than 3cm between them, and form cookies. Place the pan in the oven heated to 150 degrees and bake for about 20 minutes. Then turn the oven off, open the oven door and leave cookies to cool. Your cookies should become crispy and thin, reminding coins. Enjoy your meal!
■ Coconut home made cookies without flour
Coconut lovers will appreciate this original and at the same time very easy to prepare coconut home made cookies. The beauty of this recipe is that here is not used a gramme of flour, and the needed ingredients are only three components. The cookies turn out to be tender, fragrant and delicious.
Coconut — 400 g;
eggs — 4-5;
sugar — 1.5 cups (cup 200 g); Preparation:
Step 1. Crack the eggs into a bowl, add sugar, coconut and mix everything. Blending the eggs is not necessary. Step 2. When your dough is ready, roll the balls, in a size of a big nut.
Step 3. On a baking sheet put the special paper and put the dough balls on it. Bake at 180 degrees in preheated oven for 25-30 minutes.

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