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Home made ice cream recipes for this summer

Ice cream can be bought in any store -all people who have never tried to cook this sweet delicacy on their own buy it. Home made ice cream is prepared very simply, you do not need to be a professional chef or an experienced hostess. The main ingredients for making home made ice cream are milk, cream, eggs, and sugar. Someone uses all these ingredients together, in other recipes, home made ice cream is cooked with one milk or cream. It also needs eggs – sometimes the eggs are added in the entirety, but most often with sugar one egg yolk are added. For a more gentle and homogeneous texture instead of sugar, you can take the powdered sugar. To please your family and friends with classic vanilla ice cream, add the vanilla powder to the mass.

Home made ice cream can be cooked with any fillers: nuts, candied fruits, berries and fruits, chocolate, etc. Listing all the varieties of home made ice cream simply is not possible. But in this article, I want to share my best recipes of home made ice cream.

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Recipe 1. Milk home made ice cream

Milk 0.5 L
Butter 50 gr
Starch 0.5 tsp
Sugar 200gr
Egg yolks 2

Step-by-step cooking

Step 1. Let’s start preparing milk home made ice cream with the preparation of all the necessary ingredients.

Step 2. In the pot pour the milk, put a piece of butter and put it on the stove.

Step 3. In the meantime, we mix sugar with starch.

Step 4. Add yolks to the sugar and gently whisk them with a fork.

Step 5. Pour some milk from the pan to the sugar-egg mixture to the state of liquid sour cream.

Step 6. Don’t bring milk to boiling. When the milk is hot, pour some sugar-egg mixture into it, stirring constantly with a spoon. Put the saucepan on the fire and bring its contents to boiling.

Step 7. Remove the pan from the fire and put it into a container of cold water. While the ice cream cools, we constantly stir it with a spoon.

Step 8. When the mixture becomes warm, pour it into a container with a tight-fitting lid and put it in the freezer. Now every hour you should get the ice cream from the fridge and mix thoroughly so that it evenly freezes.

Step 9. In 4-5 hours (it depends on the capacity of the freezer), delicious milk home made ice cream is ready.

Step 10. Now with the help of a spoon to fill the container for ice cream and serve it on the table. Ice cream can be decorated with pieces of fruit or berries. Bon Appetit!

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